Choosing a Web Designer

Choosing the right web design agency for you and your business could be the most important decision you make as a business owner.

Choosing a web designer to establish an online presence can make or break a small business. It’s not difficult to slap together a website, put your company logo and contact information on it and expect your phone to be ringing off the hook. When you hire a web designer, you typically just get a website designer and a “design”. You should try to find a web design agency that not only handles the design aspect, but find one that also focuses on making you visible on the web and converting unique visitors into new clients.

There are plenty of things to consider when developing a website. Building everything correctly from the beginning is the key to running a website that converts clients.

When you’re consulting with prospective web design agencies take note if they are asking the right questions to help achieve results for you and your business.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Who do you consider to be your biggest competitor?
  • How do you expect to be found on the web?
  • Are you focused on marketing locally and/or global?
  • What functionality would you like to see incorporated on your new website?

If you feel like the agency is asking the right questions and truely wanting to understand your business to help you achieve success on the web, then start asking them some questions of your own.

  • Ask how their design process works and how they handle revisions.
  • Ask them what they know about internet marketing and search engine optimization.
  • Ask the designer for their fees and what is the estimated cost for the site you want.
  • Ask them how they bill you (monthly, annual, etc.).
  • Ask them if they will maintain your site after the initial design is complete.

Your website is crucial to the success of your business. By doing extensive interviewing of potential web design agencies, you’re more likely to pick one that can do the work you want, is willing to really listen to you, can create a site that reflects you and your business and keeps within your budget and time frame.